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I do not own Hugo however much I might want to, he belongs to himself.
Nor do I own Lord Elrond or Agent Smith they belong to Tolkien and the Wachowski Brothers respectivley
However Adam and Craig are my original characters and they do belong to me
Slash stories contain scenes of a sexual nature either m/m or m/f, if this offends you go no further.
Please remember that the fiction at this site is just that FICTION, it never happened. I make no profit from any of this.
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Lord Of The Rings

Missing You
Who is Lord Elrond Missing?

Amin mela lle malirn a Lorien
Haldir pays a visit

Original Fiction

Adam and Craig pt 1
Craig Is Gay Or Is He?

Adam and Craig pt 2
Adam takes Craig Home With Him

Adam and Craig pt 3
Adam Reflects On The Previous Evening